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Before contacting me please take a minute to look through the frequently asked questions...


Where are you based?
South Dorset, near Dorchester.
Would you like my old piano?

Sadly no. There is only so much of an old piano that is of use to me , mainly the wooden panels above and bellow the keyboard. If you have an old piano you need to dispose of please contact my friends at There is normally a charge for this service.

Could you make a guitar out of my piano?
Possibly...although most pianos don't yield enough of the right types of wood to make a guitar on their own, it usually requires more than one donor.

Do you have any instruments in stock?
 Sometimes, check out the news page and or my  facebook page to see if anything is available now.

Can I commission an instrument? 
Yes , however's very hard to replicate anything I've done before due to the nature of recycled materials, but if what you see inspires you contact me to discuss your requirements.


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