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I didn't set out to start a green guitar brand but may have done so by accident. 
I just couldn't bear to see perfectly good wood being thrown away ,people liked the reclaimed vibe and I stuck with it.

This makes sense when you consider that for example a mature oak tree supports more that 280 species of insects alone. Even "sustainable" plantation grown trees provide a wildlife habitat and of course to create a plantation land has to be cleared. The Worlds forests are being destroyed at an alarming rate and I'd rather use wood from trees felled 100 years ago that would otherwise be destined for landfill. This wood also has the added bonus of being largely free and I pass this saving on to my customers. Any metals extracted during the building process (hinges , screws etc) are also recycled, I also keep the use of plastics to an absolute minimum.

I have worked in musical instrument manufacture, repair , retail and performance for 30 years. Since 2003 I have served as an instrument technician at All Instruments, Westbury Wilts. 

As a musician I've enjoyed a diverse career taking in rock ,country, folk, early music and  theatre shows contributing bass and vocals to folk rock band Back Before Breakfast and country band The Dooks. Although primarily  a bass player  I accidentally became lead guitarist of the glam punk band Sock in 2019.

I'm now based near Dorchester making instruments using recycled materials wherever possible. I'm concentrating on electric guitars and basses at the moment but always experimenting with new ideas. While pianos are the main source of materials so far like any keen scavenger I keep my eyes open for potential raw materials.

Dominic Allan 2020

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