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I make unique musical instruments from recycled materials. Most of my output so far has been made from old pianos. As many of these date to before 1920 the likelihood is that the wood is at least 100 years old. Most instruments retain the finish that was applied to the original piano.

The timber types, finishes, thicknesses etc vary a great deal between donor pianos making it unlikely that I'll ever make two identical instruments. I use Wilkinson and Warman pickups and hardware as standard but upgrades are available on request. Prices shown are a guide to give you some idea if you are considering a commission. Prices start from £600 on standard models ie Tele, Super Strat or precision bass, get in touch for a quote if you are interested in anything not shown here.

Set up and playability is very important to me. My aim is to make solid ,reliable instruments using as much recycled materials as possible and to minimise the use of plastics.


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